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Cadet Meeting

The Hernando County Composite Squadron is a mixed membership of both cadets and senior members. 

Cadet Meetings

Cadets meet weekly on Tuesdays at 7 pm. Meetings last two hours, ending at 9 pm. Meetings are run by the cadet leadership with supervision by senior members that have specialized Cadet Protection training. This ensures that meetings are conducted in a safe, positive environment that encourages teamwork, integrity and learning.

Cadet programs in the Civil Air Patrol use a military-style learning model that teaches cadets to both lead and learn. No form of hazing or abusive behavior is tolerated in the Civil Air Patrol. For additional information on the Cadet Protection program, please visit the Civil Air Patrol National HQ site here.

Senior Meetings

Senior members meet monthly. Meetings are typically on the first Wednesday of the month. However, national holidays and other circumstances may move the meeting date. Please check our meeting calendar for the latest information. Senior meetings start at 7 pm and last for two hours.

Meeting Location

All weekly and monthly meetings are held at the Hernando County Composite Squadron facility at the Brooksville-Tampa Bay Regional Airport (BKV). The address is:

3151 Air Commerce Blvd

Brooksville, FL 34604

Additionally, we have ensured that both Apple Maps and Google Maps accurately navigate to our facility. Please note that to access the building, turn onto Air Commerce Blvd from Spring Hill Drive. Helicopter Drive from the main airport entrance is blocked by the Florida National Guard base.

You can see where we are on this map.


Everyone has questions about the Civil Air Patrol. The best way to get answers is to drop in at a meeting and see what we do. The public is always welcome. 

While you don't need to let us know you are coming, if you give us advance warning, we'll make sure we save a chair for you!

You can also contact us here

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